†Hymns† - Cardinal Sins/Contrary Virtues Double CD £4.99

For Fans Of: Blakfish, pop hits
Etc: Debut double album from this awesome new duo. Includes previous singles A Punch To The Temple and Idyllic In Nature.

Perfect Partner: Bear vs Shark- Right Now You're In The Best Of Hands... 12"


Cardinal Sins (CD1):

01. Prologue
02. Repent And Rebuild
03. Idyllic In Nature, Horrendous In Habit
04. A Punch To The Temple
05. Lily
06. Perseverance
07. With Patience
08. Prologue

Contrary Virtues (CD2):

01. Miracles
02. Honesty
03. Mercy Seat
04. Diligence
05. Terms Of Endearment
06. Revelations
07. Tristitia
08. Epilogue